BETT 2020, School uniform -

The MX badge of QUALITY

MX started off with the twin objective of reducing the cost of uniform for parents and generating funding for schools. This is easily done because MX are the manufacturers of school uniforms; and because we sell direct to schools/parents, we are able to pass on the margins that are charged by intermediaries to schools/parents. In addition, since we are a lean organisation (from manufacture to customer) we are able to limit inefficiencies in the supply chain and pass on these savings to the school/parents as well. In a nutshell, parents pay less for the uniform and/or schools retain the funding generated by these savings for their own development. Any reason why your school shouldn’t be part of MX? 

And switching is easy. We take total control of your manufacturing and deliver goods to you on an agreed time frame. And the savings go straight into your account.